The political climate in Nigeria has become tenaciously cloudy and stormy, i can categorically state that i have never witnessed a boiling political imbroglio such like this. Spinning globeThe one nearer to the current political phase is that of Othman Tofa and Chief M.K.O Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola of June 12 1993. It was a full of all the paraphernalia of the Nigeria political system of punch me i punch you.

The situation as at the moment as i have reiterated earlier is cloudy and stormy due to the impasse the incumbent government has found themselves. To them it is a road or a direction that has no outlet; cul-de-sac, a position and situation from which there is no escape, it is a deadlock for them, they have created a situation of which, if they are ousted, they know 75% of them will not escape the wrath of law of discipline and accountability that the incoming government will use to get all the wealth that they have looted.

The fear of Muhammadu Buhari has now become the beginning of wisdom and that wisdom is to manipulate Nigerians on 3 decisive ways;
1. Religion
2. Tribes and ethnicity
3. Institutions i.e. Government Institutions e.g. The Nigerian Military and Paramilitary.

With the above 3, they are actually playing their cards really well. Majority of the Pentecostal Money Grabbing Gossipers and not Gospelers have been bought over and some other Church Leaders of Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic denominations are not left out, but mainly it is the Pentecostal Prosperity Pastors, Preachers that are at the helms of these scandals of Billions of Naira distribution.

I was told to piss off with my campaign for the people’s generalissimo in person of Retired General Mohammed Buhari, we the Diaspora For Buhari will never throw up, and why we are not going to give up is Nigeria need a ‪#‎CHANGE‬ we need a change from a clueless, brainless, pointless government that is, all what is in their individual agenda is their pockets.

I was told to burger off and that God will choose the next president of Nigeria, my question may seem to some like i am rather not a believer, either i am a worshipper or not, my question is;


Things are really, very bad for a lot of people in Nigeria while others are swimming in serious affluence and 90% are wallowing in abject poverty.

Nigerians, poor masses of Nigeria, please be on alert, this is the next plot of this government to deprive The Peoples Generalisimo to get to power just like the way Chief M.K.O Abiola was stopped by The X Factor Nigerian Army to rescue Nigeria, then it was HOPE, this time round it is #CHANGE and things and power must ‪#‎CHANGEHAND‬.



My people, because of the tireless and fearless work that we do at CUPS, which involves enlightening our people on how to save themselves from corruption, misrule, tyranny, occupation, and genocide, we get a lot of leaked information from informants in Nigeria. Some of it is excellent, and some of it is just recycled conspiracy ideas on Facebook. Meanwhile, we at CUPS have near perfected ways of verifying leaked information sent to us using different techniques, including the use of digital forensics, which is one of my fields of expertise as a Computer Security Research Scientist.We therefore don’t publish any story unless be really believe there are elements of truth in it.

The story below reached us this morning (23/02/2015). It came from one of our reliable sources in Nigeria. It is one of the most disturbing stories that we have yet received. Read it and make your own judgement!

“I have it on a strong ground that there is a plan to capture a Shekau before the week to elections. And the captured Shekau who is currently undergoing training on what to say and do will mention Buhari as one of their core sponsors. The target, according to the source is to discourage Southern voters and the Northern Christians (from liking Buhari). The confession is alleged to be so perfectly planned that Buhari may even be arrested and even those who love him may think twice (about his sincerity). The sum of 4.5 billion Naira is purportedly budgeted. The purpose of this budget I am told is for bribing some Northern clerics so when the time comes, they will pacify their followers (to reject Buhari as he is BoKo Haram sponsor). There will purportedly be audio of phone calls (between Buhari and the Boko Haram leaders). Buhari will not be able to sue the government since it will be an arranged confession of a captured terrorist. Now, I am not saying this (leak) is true. But knowing how desperate these PDP people are, they can do just anything to get Buhari out of the way. Honestly, I am deeply, deeply, deeply, worried. In fact, I am troubled. Kindly share this and let the world know about this evil machination of the PDP before it is too late. Kindly do it. The person who gave me this information is an Intelligence officer in the Army. He looks worried too.”

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

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