Spinning globeWars will remain as long as human nature remains. I believe very strongly in my soul in cooperation and arbitration, but the soldier’s occupation, we cannot say, is gone until human nature is gone. As we celebrate International Girls’ Day, our Chibock girls are still languishing in the merciless hands of Boko-Haram. This is Boko-Embarrasment and Boko-Nonsense for Nigerian Government. Also, young girls are being killed by ISIS – “IDIOTS, STUPID, INSANE and SATANIC” forces of the Islamic fundamentalists in Syria, Iraq and the entire middle east. The United Nations, of which I normally referred to as “Divided Nations”, has no clue of how to tackle all these problems. Thank goodness that at least, International Girls’ Day is recognised by these Divided Nations calling themselves “United Nations”. One should ask why there is no iota of unity among all the leaders of these nations to tackle the problems of Religious fundamentalists. There are a legion of answers to this question as each nation always protect its interest and agenda in the global economy. The entire human race is highly polarized by self interest and this makes the United Nation to be a Divided nation. Turkey will not give passage to young girls of the Kurdish tribe from Syria; Erdogan government of Turkey wants moderate president Assad to leave or be killed by “Free Syrian Army” that now form the bulk of the insane ISIS. The Nigerian government has been irresponsible since the kidnap of the Chibok Girls for solid “One Hundred and Eighty Days”. This is a serious embarrassment for the so called lame president BadLuck Ebola Jonathan, now the 6th richest president in Africa. Happiness consists in activity; it is a running stream, not a stagnant pool. Majority of Nigerians, both at home and abroad, are very unhappy with the situation in our so called naturally blessed country; hence, we have become a stagnant pool. Do not be deceived by the brainwashing of the western world, which daily drains our natural resources, that Nigeria is the fastest growing economy in Africa – a country that cannot boast of producing common matches or pin, running to South Africa for illegal arms deal. All we are promoting are just Selfish Religious Leaders, uncultured, ephemeral and gullible Celebrities and irresponsible looting politicians and leaders. The Nigerian Religious leaders heve now become Arms and Ammunition dealers. Within 3 weeks, over Fifteen Million Dollars of illicit arms deals cash and planes have been impounded by the South African Government; yet the government is disillusioned, with incessant denials and contradictory statements of illegal business of arms with South African Government. One should also ask. . . “Where is the yearly budget of procurement of ammunition by each government that has been succeeding the other one since Nigeria’s Independence from our colonial master, The United Kingdom, 54 solid years ago?” As we celebrate International Girls’ Day, we should let those in government know that “Public officers are the servants and agents of the people, whose responsibility is to execute the laws, which the people have made”. Let us build a Society of PEACE, JUSTICE and EGALITARIANISM. #BringBackOurGirls ASAP and not #‎BringBackBadLucks@2015

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