imagesA country cannot subsist well without liberty,nor liberty without virtue.

On the 26 November 2011,i posted an article about the havoc and menace of Religious fundamentalist known as Boko-Haram in Nigeria. This is an excerpt of my introduction of this article.

The situation in our beloved country Nga. is shocking,appalling,deplorable and unspeakable as well as been very disgraceful. The latest strike of Boko-Haram on Christmas Day is very frightful,and horrific. Innocent life, both Muslims and Christians were not spared in this hideous attack. One should ask; Is This What We Need In Nga Now?. Absolutely No… This is a war that is very difficult for the Federal Government to fight. Nigeria is the most Religious Country in Africa with mushroom Churches and Mosque in every nooks and coners of Villages,Towns and City. The majority of the Religious leaders in this Country claims to be Miracle Performers and firebrands,how ever,they are just bundles of bogus liars with Fat Necks,Protruding Fat Tommy like 9Months Pregnant Woman. I wonder where their prayers and miracles is working.

Now Boko-Haram has struck again,this time 4 days interval and they even carry out their heinous,dreadfulodious and abominable killing and kidnapping of over 270 School girls at Chibok Government Girls School. This collided with another bomb blast in Abuja that killed and maimed hundreds of innocent people.

In my article on the 26/12/2011 i stated this: This is a war that is very difficult for the Federal Government of Nigeria to fight alone,i also reiterated that Nigerian Government should seek international support to curb and fight Boko-Haram’s mèlée.

Now my message seems as a prophecy, and now the Nigerian Government wanted to cover up or pay less attention to The Kidnapping of over 270 young school girlsnot until the protest of #bringbackourgirls becomes a global issue for the Nigerian Government to wake up from her slumber.

Every society should have freedom and liberty to educate the younger ones that are the hope of tomorrow’s each society,but Boko-Haram statement is that western education is Haram to their own society,and the irony of it is that they are using western world weaponry and ammunition, they were using Western World communication gadgets to communicate and transfer and pass information to each others, what an absolute hypocrisy.

Now it has emerged that The Military was aware that Boko-Haram will be carrying out their usual evil act at Chibok,and it was some bad heads of Top Brass that pass this information to the head teachers of this school and each teacher send their children and relations home secretly, now,  this shows that The Nigerian Army has been penetrated and infiltrated by Boko-Haram.

I would like to call my readers attention to an incident in some years past in Nigeria. There was a notorious armed robber named Anini, Anini terrorized the south west of Nigeria with his gulags in collaboration with a Top Rank Police Officer called Iyamu,Iyamu was given every information to Anini not until the time Anini was apprehended before this truth comes out. The point i am trying to put across is that there is Boko-Haram within Nigerian Top Brass Military Officers take it or you leave it.

The Bomb blast that killed over 70 people, first becomes party politics,APC was accusing PDP,PDP was accusing APC what a crap and trash,”Things must be done by parties,not by persons using parties as tools,”

Nigeria is being deceived that we are the largest economy in Africa,useless talk,what are we producing? How many Industries that has collapsed? The only things Nigeria produces is Petroleum of which is just being managed by few caucus and clans. The other area of which i know is Entertainment that has no future and it’s only generating money to those entertainers who are as well as selfish and greedy like the Politicians. Nigeria is becoming the former Zaire, now The Republic of Congo, DRC has got natural resources that is very vast,but Mobutu promoted entertainment blindfolded them and continued to steal and steal till that country collapsed and resulted in war. Where are we going in Nigeria. Nigeria can not generate a single day,24 Hours of an un-interrupted electricity. instead for Nigeria to grow,Nigeria has become a country of generators,lanterns and candles instead of us to look forward to become a country of generations and generations to come.

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