The Nobel laureate has come up with his usual poignant and explicit condemnation of increase of Churches and Religious Organization in Nigeria. The eminent Nobel Laureate was speaking at Oshogbo today, Monday 14th April 2014 at a forum organized to discuss co-habitation and co-existence of Nigerians no matter whatever Religious affiliations we might associate ourself.

He expresses his opinion, mainly about the amount of Religious Organisations that is on Lagos Ibadan Express-Road. He, Wole Soyinka did not shy away from mentioning mainly “The Redeem Christian Organization”and the havoc and disruption and destruction these organizations are coursing on this major road. He pointed out that this road is the main and major artery to Lagos and that Religious Organizations like The Redeem,Mountain of Fire or River as he put it is not of any benefit at these area of their location.

He went ahead to mention “How will it be,for Ogun,Oya,Shango,Oshun devotees also start to mount their own camps and shrine on this only access road to Lagos the financial Capital of The whole federation. He expresses his displeasure of how Nigerian Pentecostal Churches have not played by the rule and ethics of what they should stand for.






  1. What are the way forward to see this situation of the establishment churches on daily basis is curtail?

    • Dear Paul,

      It is a bit difficult to curb or curtail the proliferation of Churches almost all over the globe, some countries that has stringent rules like China, the Human Right and the press are given them tough times. Church is classified under charitable organisation and either they are licensed or not, it has become a business.

      Have a very good morning.


      The Reverend Canon Dr. IBITOYE.

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