Spinning globeThe franchise of Religious Organization in, my dear country Nigeria has become a major concern for me for so many years now,the alarming rate of how various Religious organizations spring up every Second,Minutes,Hour and Days should be a fear for thinkers and ideologist that understand what religion is and what is supposed to be. I will be writing a Dossier on these religious organizations which will be available both on my website and on all my Social Website. This subject will touch all major Religious Organization that operates in Nigeria this will not exclude all areas of Religious DECEIT for personal money,material gains of all the perpetrators. “The Great Work will not exclude our Progenitor ancestral belief that has been polluted”.


In my past writing on this topic, I promise, and stated that it is going to be a work that needs a lot of time so that this topic can educate each and every one that is reading it, as well as for us to know the havoc that these so called Religious Organization has caused and done and it is still doing in our society. This is a recent example that is going on now in Nigeria:

Seyi Rhodes of Channel 4 TV, United Kingdom visited this man called FIREMAN in Lagos early last year for a Documentary Program on Nigerian Pentecostal Prosperity Preachers and Evangelist. Oyedepo will not grant him audience as his place of worship and residence is impregnable for this brave Journalist, Adeboye will not grant him an audience, but FIREMAN did grant him an audience and he exposed a lot of things to this British born  Journalist. You can get the story of this documentary broadcast, by going to Seyi Rhodes #channel 4 #unreported world Seyi Rhodes“. He has presented BBC 2 series and various reports for More 4 News, as well as working behind the camera on documentaries for Channel 4′s Dispatches and BBC Panorama. After spending periods of his childhood in West Africa,Nigeria to be precise, Seyi has returned to the region to work on a number of occasions, including documentaries about slavery in Senegal and Religious Organization in Nigeria and homophobic violence in Nigeria.

Now this is the latest story on the so called Pastor,Evangelist,Prosperity Preacher,Pastor FIREMAN now in Police custody for the below atrocity he has committed in the quest for money,fame,and power:

Bose Ogoja, a 12 year-old Yoruba citizen, whose mother sells food in Badagry, Lagos, Yorubaland was killed by Ikechukwu Friday. He was allegedly sent by Pastor FIREMAN.

I personally watched Seyi’s program last year on Pastor FIREMAN,and he,in his interview used one WORD ” TACTICSWe used TACTICS and we SCHOOLED our Pastors,his pastors are partners in CRIME.

Nigeria is a multi-lingua,multi-tribal,and you can multiply anything,that is, Nigeria,we are just too multiple,for example,i am from the South Western Nigeria which is predominantly  dominated by The Yorubas, with a population of over Sixty Million people. The Yoruba as a whole could and can be seen as a nation as our population is more than that of other nations  around the globe.




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