What are these so #CALLED #MEN OF GOD are doing at The Presidential Villa❓

You see,the majority of them with smiles on their faces with protruding BELLY like pregnant women who are due for delivery 


They display their 22 Carat Gold Cross on their purple robes,while forgetting millions of their congregations are wallowing in abject poverty,joblessness and lack of social infarct-structural facilities. Their counterparts in the western world is very #Fit and #Slim #Thin. Get hold of The Picture of The Archbishop of Canterbury,The present Justin Welby and the Retired ones Rowan Williams,George Carrey and compare their sizes in body shape. 

The Anglican Bishops of today in Nigeria,are also in Aso-Rock,to seek for contracts as some of Nigerian Kings and Emirs / Sultans are frequent at Aso-Rock for #the#sharing of  The Nigerian National Cake..

One should wonder what these so called men of God are doing at this period of an unrest,killings of innocent people,economical stagnation,#youth,#graduates of higher degree of unemployment,upon all they can still be smiling at the perils of this great nation. #SHAME ON YOU, you are not worthy of your call as you don’t have any conscience,your reasoning faculty is all about what you will grab to enrich yourself and your immediate family. Now DECLARE HOW MUCH BADLUCK JONATHAN gave to each one of you,if not,non of your children will survive you in as much as you can not speak the truth,but just deceiving the nation,mind you,i am also known to so many of you,but you cannot do me anything even if you collide with Badluck for me to be kill,i fear NO death as i know i will surely die one day,it is only you that does not think about death and the legacy you will leave behind you. When do you start to copy The Bastard Pentecostal Prosperity Preachers whose aims is to dine and wine with The Criminals in the society,a Drug dealer will bring tithe to the Church,”You are Bless In Jesus Name,an Armed Robber will present a stolen Cash to a Pentecostal Nigerian Pastor,You are Blessed in Jesus Name!!!,when did you turn to this,The Anglican,Methodist,Baptist Church,and all other Protestant Churches are known for Morals,Justice,Peace,Education Health,above all KINDNESS and CHARITY. This is the foundation of Anglicanism and not to be a beggar or loitering in the corridor of power for MONEY GRABBING and SELF ENRICHMENT.

The Lame President you go and Dine,Wine and be Smiling with knows nothing apart from   his incessant consumption of OGOGORO,check out my last write up on him,he is on DRUGS,no doubt about that,a reasonable President of over One Hundred and Fifty Million People got intoxicated in London,if it is The Western World,he must have gone long time ago. Everything is collapsing under his management. SHAMEFUL….

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