Every human creature is created with his or her weakness,when people take your weakness as an advantage to either downgrade you or take you for a ride,think about your weakness,never think about those who uses this advantage to see you as an imbecile,an idiot or an abject fool,but use this experience as a lesson. Be gentle,be sober,above all think that every circumstances in your life has been pre-ordained and destined and bound to happen to you. We go through various experience of life either GOOD or BAD,some are painful,sorrowful and unbearable as well as some are joyful and colourful. Individual life story has been PRE-DESTINED. No matter what the economy of THE JUNGLE,The Lion,The Tiger will never,never eat Grass…


What is Eewo❓

Answer: Forbidden,Taboo,Something that can and will not happen.


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