The situation in our beloved country Nga. is shocking,appalling,deplorable and unspeakable as well as been very disgraceful. The latest strike of Boko-Haram on Christmas Day is very frightful,and horrific. Innocent life both Muslims and Christians were not spared in this hideous attack. One should ask; Is This What We Need In Nga Now?. Absolutely No… This is a war that is very difficult for the Federal Government to fight. Nigeria is the most Religious Country in Africa with mushroom Churches and Mosque in every nooks and conners of Villages,Towns and City. Majority of the Religious leaders in this Country claims to be Miracle Performers and fire brands,how ever,they are just bundles of bogus liars with Fat Necks,Protruding Fat Tommy like 9Months Pregnant Woman. I wonder where there prayers and miracles is working.

Nigeria as a nation needs a drastic revolution,but not this kind of a fanatical religious fundamentalist coursing mayhem on a Day such as Christmas Day. There is a lot of suffering,anguish,hardship and wretchedness in this very RICH country,but 99% of her beloved population lives on less than half of a Dollar a day. The leaders both Politicians,Religious leaders including both Christian and Muslims leaders has colluded and connive with the people in power to loot both the country vast wealth and even the poor citizens of this Nation.

I was going through some pages on one of The Western World Social NetWork,what i saw was too funny to me,a Bishop in his Robe was just a mimick of The Famous Michelin Tyre Logo. He has no neck as his neck has actually plum with his fat cheeks and his protruding belly was like is going to give birth to a Triplets. These Religious leaders in Nigeria should all be rounded up and be shut.

Nigeria lacks good leadership during the last general election campaign,i let people know that Jonathan Good-Luck will never be a “GOOD LUCK TO NIGERIA” now people can see that he Jonathan The Lame Dog Nigerian President is SERIOUS “BAD-LUCK” to Nigerians both home and abroad. His look is always ‘Looking Sick or like some one who is on Hard Drugs,looking highly sedated and sleepy. We need a smart young leader who will revive our economy and make life better for the poor masses.

Let us strive to Build a Society of: PEACE,JUSTICE and EGALITARIANISM.

To Be Continue…

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