Great Britain has come a long way from the time of empire of which this nation acquire many colonies and territories. Britain almost ruled the third quarter of the entire globe,from coast to coast,dessert to sahara. The Great British Empire conquer the majority of the world in his entirety There is no doubt,no one can rule out the zeal of Britain in the area of adventure and exploration. Also in the field of Science and Technology this great country has excel other nations from time immemorial Britain has been a champion in invention of Science and Technology. Britain champion the propagation of Christianity in so many nations through The Church Missionary Society “CMS” mainly in Africa and beyond.

However despite all her achievements in so many areas,Britain image is declining gradually due to her double standard in dealing with other nations even Britain next neighbours, The Europeans Countries and The Republic of Ireland despised this great nation due to the havoc,stealing and encroachment attitude Britain have done in the past and still continue to do hitherto,and also the attitude that all what Britain does is the best either good or bad. “Good judgement comes from experience,and often experience comes from bad”.

The Iraq war was opposed by good people of this country with over a million people out protesting about this illegal war just for a regime change,just because The Americans and her British allies see Saddam Hussein as been too powerful. No,it is just for economic reason,it was the same British and The Yankees that equip Saddam Hussein against Iran for a deadly prolong war with Iran. Now it is Libya,the money spent on the Libya war to topple Mohammar al-Qaddafi would have been justify if this was spent on the famine in Ethiopia and Somalia. All what Qaddafi build for 42Years was destroy by NATO’S Bombing and the lunatics Libyans are joyful not knowing that they will come back to regret what has happened now in the next couples of years to come. How on earth can the Libyans be sleeping for 42Years of Qaddafi’s regime or probably the whole country was in coma!!! “At least two-third of our miseries spring from human stupidity,human malice and justifiers of malice and stupidity:idealism and proselytising zeal on behalf of RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL IDEAS.

let us build a World of: PEACE, JUSTICE and EGALITARIANISM.

To Be Continue,Please be on the Watch

  1. This is the way the cookies crumble , the experience of Africa today is a signal to a watershed in the offing, there had been injustice for too long. Africa wake up from your political, economic slumber.It is hightime we loved ourselves and be more patriotic , no one will build our continent for us, enough of this exploitation.
    jimi cole

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