The current tides in Libya now is very volatile and evaporating rapidly,it is still very early to say what the tides will turn to.LIBYA!!! LIBERTY or LIBERATION???…The Libya political uprising is something that has been looming for quite a long time,shall we say it is well overdue or belated any of the two is appropriate. Colonel Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi;Mu’ammar al-Qaaddafi has dominated the political affairs of Libya for over FOUR { 4 } Decades and so he is not an unknown figure in the world political arena. Nicknamed by Ronald Reagan as “Mad Dog”. Self-styled named as “The Leader” and not President or Head of State,for 42Years he remained a Colonel and did not promote himself to either General or Field Marshal unlike some other African dictators like him. Brutal as well as resilient,tactical as well as highly formidable,generous to the course of Pan-Africanism as he wears African Map Badge on his chest on any international engagements,very supportive to the fight of apartheid and finance the course of Palestinian Liberation Organisation PLO,just to mention a few,Gaddafi would have been compare with Che Guevara apparently they look alike and has so many things in common in terms of intellectual Marxist Revolution as well as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez all these political figures mention are enemy of the west. There must be something special about them.

As not to deviate from the main Topic “LIBYA!!! LIBERTY or LIBERATION???

The political upheaval in Libya is nothing but an International and Western World Conspiracy to punish Muammar al-Qaaddafi for one;his change of business tactics to China and Russia,two; Muammar al-Qaaddafi is been punish because of the release of Abdelbaset Mohmed Ali al-Megrahi “alleged former intelligence officer,former head of Security for Libyan Arab Airlines and former director of the Centre for Strategic Studies in Tripoli. Megrahi was convicted for the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie,Scotland on 21 December 1988. Megrahi was freed on compassionate grounds by the Scottish Government on 20 August 2009 following doctors reporting on 10 August 2009 that he had terminal prostate cancer. The rousing welcome given to him on his arrival generated a tension in the UK and America. This is a pivotal point that irked both the Americans to turn up the heat against Gaddafi.

The above Two Major points and most especially the latter has been a major impact to conspire against Muammar al-Qaaddafi,just because The Americans are revenge and avenge thirsty nation and for some other past stand-up of al-Qaaddafi with the yankees. You will remember the saga that led to al-Qaaddafi’s compound been bombed,it was an assassination attempt on Muammar al-Qaaddafi of which he narrowly escaped but his adopted daughter was killed in this attempt. The other points that comes to light or that was alleged of al-Qaaddafi was that he was supplying arms and armunition to The IRA as well as The PLO also by openly has a showdown with the apartheid in South Africa of which hitherto the South African Government still respect and favour al-Qaaddafi whatever the criticism from any other western world. Nelson Mandela,Thabo Mbeki and the current president Jacob Zuma has not shy away from this support to Colonel Muammar al-Qaaddafi.

The Arabs spring was just an avenue for the western world to use and also use al-Qaaddafi opponents against him. If Libya is not well govern or if al-Qaaddafi is that BAD to his people,how can he ruled them for 42 Solid Years,a fool at FOURTY IS A FOOL FOR EVER,i.e. those people that are now clamouring for al-Qaaddafi to be killed or capture are opportunist fools. They see that opportunity and they use it against al-Qaaddafi. Libya was the most stable country in Africa for so long of which they enjoy so many infrastructural facilities that other African Nation can not dream of,and that was why you have loads of other African citizens migrating to Libya for job opportunity mainly from all West African Countries.

There is no way you can compare either Egypt or Tunisia or Algeria political uprising with the one in Libya.


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