The statutory definition of homicide is the “unlawful killing of one human being by another.” Sometimes the phrase “with malice” is employed,the concept serving to distinguish murder from the numerous other occasions in which people deprive each other of life.”Sue Grafton” K is for KILLER. The killing of Mark Duggan aged 29,in a Police shoot out at nearby Tottenham Hale is still under investigation,and the event after this killing has been the subject of this write up.

In my younger age,our elders use to say the worst friend you can have is a Police Man,this words use to bother me,i was so disturbed that i keep on pondering on it till my adult age. My thought and feelings was that if you have a law enforcement agent like a police man as a friend,you are secured and protected. Latter i realised that the words of our elders is True and it will always be True. We do not need to have a police man as a friend to be protected and feel secured,it is their duty to protect law and order in our society. Nowadays reverse is the case,the police are no longer trusted,even seeing a police man in uniform on your neighbourhood has become a “TERROR” not to talk of their lies and fabrications of evidences that are not TRUE.

The peaceful protest of Mark Duggan killings was not attended to for 5 good solid hours,the family of this poor soul were not informed talking less of the work the police liaison office who at that time was idle. The bottom line of this situation is the killing of Mr. Mark Duggan at the same time the society has lost their trust in our police force. The recent scenario about the corruption of the force with the NoW has been a debacle of great disgrace for an institution like the police force.

The economic impact on the society is another major factor,with high unemployments,cuts here and there,people on social benefit are facing serious hard times while people working are crying hard and been fearful and terrified of their future at their jobs. The coalition government has been another major problems as they are highly unpopular as WE DID NOT VOTE FOR A COALITION GOVERNMENT.

The government with their stupid allies are fighting three wars that is costing billions of dollars every second and also costing and robbing us off of our very young soldiers on the front-line. The situation now seems to be at cross road and stalemate,no one is sure of what is going to happen in the next seconds or minutes,so we all lives with fears and a very uncertain future.

At the scene of this carnage the following day,David Lammy a Labour MP gave a talk,but there was a two talk that stand out one from a Youth Worker and one from a Tottenham local pastor,the youth has all been criminalised most especially those of ethnic minority,the youth who are

out of job were not been assisted,and the gang culture in these areas still remain unabated while there should be a lot of work to be done in all these points.

We are waiting for the report of The Police Complain Commission about the killing of Mr. Mark Duggan…Till Then….

let us build a Society of: PEACE, JUSTICE and EGALITARIANISM.

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