The latest news about the phone hackings of some unscrupulous journalist and private investigators of “The News of The World” has generated a heat debate about how journalist and their investigative journalism has jeopardised journalism.

Sometimes last year i discuss with a friend who happens to be a Barrister,a legal luminary here in London UK,he has rise to the position of QC,i asked him that what is his view on the way pressmen are behaving these days,i said to him “It seems to me that our politicians are no longer doing their jobs,and my observation is that the press has actually taken over from them”. I was expecting a robust response to this my comments,but to my amazement he say’s nothing and we moved to another private and personal subject.

The news that some bad heads in the field of journalism are abusing their roles and profession is highly sickening. The great Rupert Murdoch has taken the entire media of the United Kingdom and beyond,he has become an international kingmaker in the political arena across the globe. He deem himself as highly untouchable just because he has made himself impregnable because of his Money and Power in the Media.

The latest scenario about hacking to individual cell phones is a bridge of privacy,Rupert Murdoch was described as a Criminal and has got solid ties with gangs and men of the underworld. He is a notorious criminal,the source of his wealth is questionable,”as a Yoruba proverbs say’s ‘Isale Oro Ni Egbin’ which means The Root and Source of Wealth is Dirty”.

Rupert Murdoch should now face criminal investigation,and all his lieutenants and accomplices should be called to justice.

It is very sad for what has happened to Milly Dowler,The Noble heros of Afghanistan’s families and all other Four Thousands people that their phones has been hacked by the Notorious News of The World Journalist and private investigators.

We live in an unjust world,where the cow stealer becomes a judge of someone that steal a  chicken.


to be continue…..

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