The whole world may never know peace until there is egalitarianism,disposition of equal international justice without any disposition of favouritism,inclination to partiality,preferential treatment to one nation or another.

The just concluded talk of David and Obama at the ground of Downing Street in presence of British Pressmen and Women,Journalist and ardent listener of these two leaders who has NO experience of international fair-play.

In my own judgement both two leaders are just rambling and babbling on so many important international issues and affairs,their statements were absurd,highly desultory,incoherent and delirious. Two of them tends to go wherever each one fancy in their ideology on foreign affairs,each one in their statements tends to wander without NO headways of any solutions. Instead they just rely on their economic and military dominance.

In one of my writings “The Divide and Rule Tactics”. The statement of these two leaders depict what i highlighted in my paper on the divide and rule tactics of the Western World.

1. On Libya,you can not compare the Libya saga with the Egyptian uprising,the Egyptian demonstration carries NO weapons,it is a peaceful demonstration unlike Libya Rebels that were coming to take Tripoli with arms and ferocious force and killings. Do you want Gaddafi to fold his hands and see him been overthrown?. More over,please tell me the simple meaning of a “REBELS”. You stated in both of your statement that you are going to supply¬†arms and military hardwares and tactics and logistics to the rebels,is this not a double standard compare to what is going on in Syria,Yemen,Sudan e.t.c?.

2. Your views on Israel and Palestine is highly bias,you give a Red Carpet welcome to Benjamin Netanyahu and provided him with an absolute immunity to continue to encroach Palestinian lands and territory.this is highly disgraceful and untenable.

to be continued!!!

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