The power of media and social network can not be under-estimated in this 21st century,many thanks to the various Social Networks that are now connecting each and every one by one way or the other. I wrote a text on The Power of Social Network before the Arabs revolution,it has now become a Text Case. The Social Network is design for awareness,never mind some that has turn it to other things i will not like to mention now,that is for the future write up.

Before the so called Alternative Vote: Yes or No,i have used my Blogs to appeal to good people of Great Britain to vote CAPITAL NO,i thank all of you for a resounding,decisive vote against this Stupid ideology of Mr. Nick Clegg. I also thank my good friend an erudite scholar who has actually made Clegging to be a Dictionary Words. Many Thanks to Mr. Talabodurin for this phrase “clegging is now a dictionary word which means saying something and doing the opposite”. I am registering a profound appreciation to all of you who actually help to defeat this obnoxious,Stupid,Senseless ideology of Mr. Nick Clegg The Dis-honourable Deputy Prime Minister. I bet it with you, you and your alliance with the Tory will die an untimely death like Osama Bin Laden.

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