The people have delivered what it is in each one’s mind. We are not stupid,senseless and daft like his Dis-honourable deputy Prime Minister Mr. Nick Clegg. Now is the time for this government to know that the coalition is a Total Failure,they have failed themselves and failed the nation.

Hear what the absurd Prime Minister said,”I will fight with all my nerve to block the Scotland Independent”,What a stupid statement from a Prime Minister,are we running democracy or dictatorship?. If the Scots want to have their Independent,why will some one block the yearning of a whole nation. Scotland is a nation within The United Kingdom,if they want to go on their on volition so let it be.

Thanks to all of you who have hammered the most senseless politician of our time and his party. NO TO ALTERNATIVE VOTE! Period!!!

  1. Tal Tunji Abodunrin clegging is now a dictionary word which means saying something and doing the opposite -hence it is time for clegger nick to do the honourable- resign

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