There is no doubt that Bin Laden’s death has been a welcome News in the Western World,but there are so many things to come aftermath of this evil man’s death. Bin Laden’s sudden death has generated a great discussion,one is why is picture has not been released,two why Osama Bin Laden was not captured alive,three,why an un-armed man was shot dead at the time his hide out was raided. Now diverse opinion has been coming in from great scholars,thinkers and public figures about Osama’s death. There is another think tank about the Pakistan ISI involvement: does the Pakistan secret agent knows that Osama is right down their nose? does Osama stay in Pakistan has the knowledge of the Pakistan authority?. The archbishop of Canterbury latest comment: “What justification does the USA has to kill an un-armed man”. I know,the critics of His Grace The Most Reverend Rowan Williams will now be after his throat,but i feel that we have to weigh the argument in two ways. If Osama is captured alive,this would have give great authenticity to his capture,his shrouded burial on the sea should also raise a question. Here in this note,i am not saying that the killing of Osama is not welcome,but we need a proof,we need evidence,and above all it would have been a great justification for this man to be captured alive and the whole world see him,a lot of things would have come out from him,and his organisation would have been totally put at bay. Killing Osama Bin Laden as one erudite scholar once says will give birth to another hundred folds of OSAMA BIN LADEN.


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